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closing the GAP | accelerating reconciliation


Established in 2009, Urban Indigenous aims to:

Raise the profile of Aboriginal Australia’s unique cultures, and it’s peoples

Contribute to closing the gap policies in providing meaningful job opportunities for Indigenous Australians

Accelerate Reconciliation Australia by way of a hip, urban Aboriginal trip

From this original concept grew a more expansive business model that now provides engaging Aboriginal experiences including Education Programs & Corporate Content.

These cultural opportunities draw on the talent of Aboriginal people and businesses and in turn has developed a highly regarded, award winning business model that is an Australian first.

Urban Indigenous is run by a passionate team who are committed to presenting diverse, interactive & authentic Aboriginal experiences.

Our mob bring to Urban Indigenous a wealth of experience, expertise, and a commitment to Cultural Education, Aboriginal Affairs including employment and empowerment, Closing the Gap, and a better Australia.

Our team of Aboriginal guides, story tellers, artists, and cultural educators are professional and whole heartedly passionate and dedicated to presenting diverse & authentic Aboriginal experiences for our clients.