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closing the GAP | accelerating reconciliation

A LITTLE BIT OF THIS, A LITTLE BIT OF THAT | 1 hour | $15 per student

Perfect for all age groups

This programme is an interesting mix of Aboriginal Culture.  The koolangkas (children) hear Stories, learn about Culture, Language & Mark Making on Canvas.

STOLEN GENERATION STORIES | 90min | $990 flat fee

Suitable for YR 4 students and above

Winner – WA Indigenous Tourism Award & Small Business Spirit of Australia Award

Fascinating, heart-warming and thought provoking presentations shared by local Elders. Personal accounts capture the heartache experienced, the real challenges met and the true history that is the Stolen Generation.  These stories reveal individual triumph over tragedy, lessons in forgiveness, a commitment to Reconciliation, and positive change for Aboriginal families and Aboriginal Australia.

COLLECTIVE CANVAS | $495 per hour | minimum 2hrs

A fantastic addition to any event – create an Aboriginal inspired art piece to keep and admire for years to come.  Students will be explained traditional techniques of Aboriginal Art, art as story-telling and the core symbols present of the nominated artist.

OPTION | transfer your artwork onto sheet metal to display on a fixed wall

OPTION | art murals on fixed walls also available

small print minimum $495 per session
PLEASE NOTE | shelter and appropriate facilities are required